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with multichannel actions that allow greater exposure of brands and lead generation.

SEO Organic positioning (Outbound Marketing)

90% of people use the internet for searches of interest, hence the importance of having a good organic positioning strategy, indexing your website so that it can appear in the first search results for keywords and encourage users to check your brand.

This positioning is achieved by optimizing the website for search engines, the resource used to position is through the keywords related to the industry of our clients and inside / offside strategies of the website.


SEO Digital Advertising (Outbound Marketing)

99% of people who make a search of interest in the search engine, only take into account the first page of results and the first 3 positions would be the most relevant for the user. This traffic of intention is highly effective because it is looking to solve a need, which is why the importance of appearing in search results through paid ads to increase our probability of conversions or sales closure.

The ads in the Google search engine, in the short term, is the easiest and fastest way to appear in the first search results, without even having organic positioning, this allows brands to publicize their products or services, bring traffic to your website, segmenting the audience by keywords that have to do with your business.

The ads in social networks, in addition to having different forms or formats to do so, allows to have a more precise segmentation, according to interests, location, gender, ages, professional profile, etc., which translates into greater effectiveness at a lower cost.

On YouTube, there are countless content available for all tastes and interests, which is why more and more people use it according to their needs. Appearing in YouTube ads allows us to impact many people and pay only for those who are really interested, according to the segmentation of each brand.

To get started, we run a monthly keyword search analysis, optimize them on your website, and thus rank among the most relevant search results.

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Social Network (Inbound Marketing)

The presence in social networks is a great opportunity for your brand, which serves to increase exposure and visibility, increasing the customer base and interacting actively and constantly with the community.

Through social networks, your brand is known in the different digital media, generating interactions, creating quality content that helps generate traffic on your website and thus position it in the search engines.

How do we do it?
We create communities that are emotionally linked to the brand and generate interactions, timely address the concerns of your customers, publish valuable content that generates interest in the followers of your brand, take care of your brand's reputation.


Email Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

Email Marketing is a very powerful tool, through which we generate communication strategies, in order to attract potential customers to our business and generate loyalty.

Perhaps the most important aspect of using this technique is to have your own database generated in an organic way, to achieve greater effectiveness and thus be able to scale your business.


    This will allow you to further personalize the reader experience and offer only what interests them.


    By adding value to the subscriber you will frequently generate loyalty and gain the trust of your customers.


    Statistics allow you to check which campaigns work best for you. It is important to know the opening rate, CTR percentage (clicks on links) and number of unsuscribe per campaign.


    Much of the potential is here. Creating an autoresponder to apply an agile sales funnel is the same as having a salesperson selling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    The results of an email marketing campaign feel very soon. Normally, in about 3 days, in addition to being one of the most effective strategies in digital media.


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